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Our firm and consultancy provides training services for institutions around open science, equality, research integrity and FAIR principles. We strive to help organizations understand the importance of open science, equality, research integrity and FAIR principles and how it can benefit them. As a provider of training services, we aim to prepare our clients for the future by providing guidance on open science principles, as well as training and assistance with the implementation process. Our training services are tailored to meet the needs of each institution, ensuring maximum effectiveness in training staff and aligning them with open science best practices.


Open Science

Miller International offers a service to provide training in the various aspects of open science.

This service can include topics such as how to design, develop and deliver open science projects, how to curate and disseminate research data, as well as best practices associated with the adoption of open science principles.

Miller International is committed to providing training that is tailored to the needs of their clients, creating a service offering that provides an optimal learning experience. The service is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge required to effectively implement open science approaches in their own research and workflows.

Additionally, Miller International offers additional resources such as webinars and conferences. By taking advantage of open science training, organisations and individuals can reap the benefits of open science, such as increased data sharing, collaboration and reuse. Open science training can also help organisations move towards broader goals such as increasing transparency, accountability and reproducibility.

Ultimately open science training enables organisations to build an effective knowledge base that is accessible and beneficial to the wider research community.

We offer comprehensive services for organizations needing to improve their Research Integrity training. Our services include expert advice and guidance on research methodology, data manipulation, ethical considerations, and professional values. We offer a range of approaches tailored to the individual needs and resources of each organization, from on-site workshops to online seminars.

Our services are designed to ensure that all members of the research team have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and ethical obligations, as well as the necessary skills to carry out and publish high-quality research. We offer an invaluable opportunity for organizations to ensure their research is conducted in a fair, honest, and responsible manner.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you create a culture of research integrity in your organization.


Research Integrity


Fair Principles

We offer training on the FAIR Principles to help service providers understand and apply these principles in their data management processes. Our service includes an introduction to the four core principles of FAIR data, as well as more advanced training on how to integrate them into service provision.

We also offer guidance on best practices for creating and managing a FAIR-compliant service. Our training is suitable for service providers of all sizes, from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations.

By making use of our service, service providers can gain valuable insight into the FAIR Principles and improve their data management processes. This can help to ensure that service providers are providing the highest quality service, while also protecting their customers’ data.

Our service includes step-by-step guidance on how to ensure service compliance with the FAIR Principles, helping service providers to become well-versed in data management. With our service, service providers can confidently offer their customers a service that is compliant with the FAIR Principles.

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